• 土壤剖面描述和分类
  • 原状采样
  • 土壤质地研究
  • 根采样

Until recently, sampling undisturbed peat profiles in peat lands, was a very difficult activity. Digging and sampling profile pits in most peat lands is difficult (if not impossible) as they would immediately fill with water and the walls would slump. Researching the ecology of peat land environments and the dynamics and stratigraphy of peat profile requires undisturbed samples, especially of the top layers, where most biological activity takes place. The peat profile sampler, type Wardenaar, is an apparatus for sampling intact, undisturbed peat profiles in peat lands up to a depth of 1 meter. The peat profile sampler consists of a rectangular stainless steel box casing, divided lengthwise into two halves, with very sharp specially shaped cutting edges at the base. The handgrip hinging with both halves allows both halves to be pushed into the soil alternatingly. A clamp mechanism on the grip allows the profile to be clamped in the sampler when it is extracted from the soil. A small diameter tube is fitted to break the suction of the sample. The standard set contains, among other items: the peat profile sampler, tools, lever beam with support and a hand pump.

好处 Wardenaar

  • 可于软(泥炭)土中采集大型矩形样芯
  • 不锈钢材质,经久耐用
  • 样品下的气隙从通风口填充
  • 简单的插孔,用于取回样品


  • 用随附锉刀保持刀刃锋利


  • One person is capable of extracting a 1 meter long profile in less then 10 minutes.
  • Sizeable, undisturbed samples from (wet) peat lands are possible.
  • After opening the profile can be sampled or researched immediately.


The profile is used for:

  • Root growth studies.
  • Pollen analysis.
  • Macro-fossil studies (paleo-ecology).
  • Creating soil monoliths.