Van der Horst型土壤取样器



  • 地下水位以上土壤采样
  • 地下水位以下土壤采样
  • 岩土土壤研究
  • 原状采样

The Van der Horst core sampler is used for manual filling of the stainless steel sampling tubes. Sampling can take place in bore holes, casing tubes (minimum diameter 75 mm) or in the beds of canals, lakes, etc. up to a depth of approximately 10 m. By contrast to the Akkerman core sampler the Van der Horst sampler is entered into the bore hole using extension rods. The core sampler can be beaten into the soil using the steel hammer with nylon head or using a falling hammer (type down the hole). When the sample enters the tube, the water or air above the sample can escape through a non-return valve. After sampling the apparatus with the filled tube is extracted from the soil using the support and lever beam with rope catcher. Among other items the standard set contains: a handle with beating head, extension rods, a steel hammer with nylon heads, a falling hammer (type down the hole), a Van der Horst core sampler, sampling tubes with and without core catcher, plastic sampling liner, sampling tubes, PE covers, a hydraulic extruder and various accessories. The complete set is delivered in an aluminium transport case.

好处 同

  • 最轻薄系统;外径只有 70 毫米
  • 可用于狭窄套管
  • 使用标准的大容量不锈钢管
  • 适用于落锤或手锤


  • 适用于任何 > 75毫米钻孔或套管


The samples taken with both core sampler inpractice are usually used for:

  • Soil technical measurements (compressibility, determination of the shear strength).
  • Soil physical measurements.
  • Determination of the granular composition.
  • Chemical analysis, for instance through leaching tests using the special connection set.
  • Visual impression.
  • Soil profile research.