• 土壤物理实验室研究
  • 实验室土壤密度测量

The air pycnometer is supplied as a complete set, including a calibration block. The apparatus is suited for sample rings with a maximum diameter of 53 or 60 mm (max. height 51 resp. 40 mm). The instrument has a measuring range of 0-115 cm3. The time period of the measurement is approximately 1 minute. The maximum measuring accuracy equals 1%.

The principle

An under pressure is created in the vacuum bell in which the object to be measured is placed. Depending on the gas volume present in the bell, more or less air will be extracted. The quantity of the air present is independent of the volume taken by the object to be measured. After the under pressure has stabilized the volume of the object can be read from the calibrated scale.

好处 空气比重瓶

  • 确定土壤、水和空气的体积
  • 基于土壤样品体积环
  • 方便快捷的体积测定法
  • 也可用于少孔材料
  • 土壤样品环非必需


  • 使用汞(封入)


The pycnometer is applied where there is an interest in knowing the specific weight.

  • Soil research, for instance the determination of the porosity of soil samples. It is recommended to use soil sampling rings with a 100 cc contents when taking undisturbed soil samples.
  • Powder- and granulate research in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Measuring the pore volume of tarmac (road construction) or clay and bricks (brickworks).
  • Volume determinations of seeds, coffee beans, legumes, etc. in the food industry.

Limitation: Temperature variations influence the measurements (can be prevented by climate control in the laboratory).