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  • 地下水文研究
  • 水量研究
  • 水量监测
  • 数据记录

Diver® - the jewel of water level loggers

The Diver water level logger is the smallest instrument in the world for automatic measurement and registration of groundwater levels and ground water temperatures; the CTD-Diver water level logger also measures conductivity. The Diver water level logger fits in the palm of your hand and is remarkably light. With its length of 135 mm for the CTD-Diver water level logger and a diameter of 22 mm, the Diver water level logger can be used in virtually any monitoring well.

11.11 好处 潜水器

  • 一体化智能水位数据记录仪
  • 无机械部件,无磨损
  • 无气孔,不怕淹没
  • 长度范围大:5 – 100 米
  • 可用 DCC 线缆现场或原地读取
  • 可与 E- SENSE 遥测相结合
  • 软件使数据输入输出简单方便
  • 支持多种输出格式
  • 气压自动监测仪记录气压变化
  • 智能向导可减去空气压力变化
  • 非常适合井,也适用于开放水域
  • CTD 品种增加电导率
  • CTD 陶瓷品种长期耐海水侵蚀


  • 淹没潜水器每区各需一个气压自动监测仪

Sound and reliable

The pressure sensor, temperature sensor, the conductivity sensor, as well as the datalogger and battery are contained within a hermetically sealed stainless steel or ceramic housing. This ensures that the Diver water level logger is less sensitive to moisture or external electrical influences (Faraday cage). The Diver water level logger can be installed in the monitoring well simply suspended from a steel wire. Once installed, no part of the monitoring system is left protruding above ground level, greatly reducing the risk of vandalism. The Diver water level logger can now automatically measure the groundwater level and temperature and register these data in the internal memory. The built-in battery has a life of approximately 2.000.000 Measurements.

Programming CTD-Diver water level logger

Programming the Diver water level logger, either in the field or in the office, is a matter of just a few seconds. Simply enter the location, (future) starting time, sample rate and select either a fixed measuring frequency, a fixed setup or an event-related frequency.

The CTD-Diver water level logger has a ceramic housing, ceramic pressure sensor and platinum/ceramic conductivity sensor (measuring range 10 - 120 mS/cm), diameter 22 mm, length 135 mm, available in various measuring ranges, memory capacity 48.000 measurements. The CTD-Diver water level logger is a compact instrument that allows you to measure the ground water level, ground water temperature and conductivity of the ground water all in one. Where monitoring ground water, especially where it concerns decontamination of polluted soil, the monitoring of rubbish dumps and the detection of salination, once used to be a labour-intensive and troublesome job, the arrival of the CTD-Diver water level logger has changed all that.


The CTD-Diver water level logger is a reliable compact datalogger which measures all essential parameters as frequently as you yourself decide. These measurement values are then stored. It is even possible to store measurements only when a change occurs in the conductivity (indication of possible contamination). These measurements can likewise be viewed on a computer at any time.