Pneumatic piston pump



  • 土壤环境研究

The remediation suction pump (art. no.: 12.60) is a universal submersible, pneumatically operated pump which can be used for product recovery and total fluids. It can also be used in conjunction with a skimmer for product only recovery.

The 12.60 is a positive displacement piston pump which, is controlled by an in-built automatic timer to pulse at given intervals. The pulse frequency is factory set but can be altered to suit site conditions. Just 48 mm in diameter and with a fully integrated automatic timer, it can be fitted within a 2” (50 mm) well, making it ideal for site investigation and remediation projects. Made from highly-resistant materials, it provides reliability and longevity even within the harsh environments associated with remediation projects. It is easy to take apart and clean in the field without the need for any special tools, making maintenance quick and easy.


  • Maximum diameter: 48 mm
  • Length: 800 mm
  • Maximum flow: 320 lit/hr (based on diesel)
  • Max air consumption: 32 lit/min (1.2 cfm)
  • Air quality requirement: 5 micron
  • Air filter/regulator: Auto drain
  • Max operating pressure: 8 bar
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg

Materials of construction

  • Body: Stainless steel
  • Piston: Acetyl
  • Non return valves: Acetyl
  • Seals: Viton


Hoses & fittings, tubing, tank full sensor (TFS), air filter regulator, well caps