• 土壤剖面描述和分类
  • 土壤环境研究
  • 原状采样
  • 地下水文研究
  • 沉积物采样

(set A = basic set) can be used as an independent sampler.

  • Like Multisampler / piston sampler but with lockable head and it is possible to hammer the sampler.
  • 1.0 and 1.5 m long sampling tubes.
  • Only suitable for assessing / pressing out samples on site.
  • Operation almost as simple as Multisampler or piston sampler.
  • Much cheaper than the old Beeker sampler set.
  • The standard set is suitable for application in water to a maximum depth of 5 meter. Using extra extension rods sampling is possible to a greater depth in certain cases.
  • Because of the compressed-air reservoirs and the large hose couplings the sampler has a maximum mobility and a variety of appli-cations.
  • The sampler is lightweight and easy to use, so many samples can be taken in a day.
  • It is able to cope with many types of sediment varying in consistency from very watery and uncohesive to unconsolidated sands, regardless of the stratification of the soil.

(set B = extended set). Similar to the basic set, however supplied with the discharge and partitioning system to describe and press out samples on a very sophisticated, accurate manner.

  • Tubes can be used directly in column tests.
  • Transfer samples anaerobic in nitrogen environment.
  • Describe and press out etc. at home base.
  • A simple and controlled discharge- and/or partitioning of the sample with the hydropneumatic discharge- and partioning system.

Note: As sampling depth increases in flowing waters sampling will be more difficult.

好处 Beeker型沉积物原状取样器 04.23.SA/SB

  • 任何情况下样品无损失
  • 切割头可用空气压力关闭
  • 活塞保证了完美的样芯长度
  • 可锤击对所有沉积物采样
  • 样品长度可达 150 厘米
  • 透明:方便的样本描述
  • 无污染的不锈钢机身
  • B 系列支持 10 厘米子样品转移


  • 不可用于不饱和沉积物